Commercial Painting

West Pacific Services provides unique solutions for exterior painting for multi-story and high-rise buildings. In contrast from other high rise painting contractors, our unique expertise in Industrial Rope Access allows us to access, prepare and paint hard-to-reach areas safely and cost-efficiently. Depending on our Clients needs, we can paint either selective areas or an entire building.

Painting building exteriors across Vancouver, WPS is here for you! Whether your buildings are historical landmarks or modern high-rise buildings with hard to reach areas - your search for high rise painting contractors can stop here. Our professional painters are here for your commercial painting project. WPS commercial painters will complete the job and meet all your attention to detail needs.

We provide hard-to-reach commercial painting services for:

  • apartment buildings and complexes,
  • hotels,
  • office buildings,
  • hospitals,
  • museums,
  • churches,
  • stadiums,
  • warehouses and industrial buildings

How Often Should Building Exteriors Be Painted:

Are you looking to maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance for your high-rise apartment? Perhaps the exterior finish of your office building is cracking. Maybe your hotel is deteriorating and subject to leaking.

Exterior building painting should be done every 10 years to maintain your building's appearance and reduce any damage caused by mother nature or toxins in the air. Wether its smog, salt deteriorating ocean air. It pays to be proactive and maintain the exterior surface of your commercial or industrial structure. Hire The westpac today for your painting job and reduce your risk of costly repairs down the road.

Is the exterior of your building an eyesore? Paint failures include paint blistering, cracking, flaking, excess chalking, peeling and the list does on. Each paint failure whether caused by poor application process, using wrong type of paint or adverse environmental exposure (such as moisture, salty mist, direct sun light, etc.). We have solutions for all kinds of paint failures.